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Achieve zero impact together


In Italy it’s now possible to create Renewable Energy Communities! 

Let's build the renewable energy community you've always dreamed of! We connect businesses, organizations, and citizens who want to create a renewable energy system with zero emissions and determine the most suitable renewable energy installation. Discover how to create a renewable energy community! 
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Do you want to create a Renewable Energy Community but don't know where to start?

What is a Renewable Energy Community?

 A Renewable Energy Community is a group of individuals, companies, or organizations that choose to join together to produce clean energy from renewable sources and share it, aiming for energy independence and competitive pricing while significantly reducing CO2 emissions and energy waste. Renewable Energy Communities are an innovative energy model for zero-impact electricity production and management.


Creating a Renewable Energy Community is a fundamental aspect of the energy transition in our cities. Incoip offers its expertise and skills in the sector to assist in the design and implementation of special renewable source facilities, such as photovoltaic parks and installations capable of producing large quantities of zero-impact energy. 

Requirements: How being part of a Renewable Energy Community?

There are no specific limitations to join a Renewable Energy Community. Citizens, companies, businesses, public offices, small and medium enterprises—all are welcome to be part of a Renewable Energy Community.

Any individual or legal entity interested in collectively producing and managing energy from renewable installations can establish a Renewable Energy Community. Simply, you don't have to be a large corporation to form a REC; even two families from the same neighborhood can create a Renewable Energy Community
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How is a Renewable Energy Community established?

Our experts at Incoip will guide you in identifying the location to install the production facility—typically a photovoltaic park in an area close to consumers. The precise location is studied to optimize energy production to the fullest by considering the tilt and orientation of solar collectors

The sharing of renewable electrical energy is done through the existing electrical distribution network, and self-consumption of renewable energy occurs virtually. . 
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Would you like to connect with citizens, businesses, or organizations to create a Renewable Energy Community

Why establish a Renewable Energy Community?

The aim of Renewable Energy Community is to highly reduce polluting emissions, decrease energy consumption, and enhance the social aspects of the community or the hosting area.


REC don’t emit polluting emissions into the environment, as the facilities are constructed near the community that will benefit from them, thus minimizing energy wastage resulting from losses in energy distribution.


The bill won’t undergo significant changes at first glance. In fact, each member of the REC will continue to pay the electricity bill to their respective energy provider, but will receive a periodic amount for sharing the benefits from the REC.


REC generate new local employment opportunities through autonomous and local production of renewable electricity.

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Are you a group of people or companies that want to realize the Renewable Energy Community?

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